This committee could be open programmers specialists representing EU and CCNR memberstates and will also allow an enough participation of alternative stakeholders. This committee should develop technical standards. Once this dedicated Committee has been set up it might start its work indeveloping technical standards. The current proposal allows programming Commission totake under consideration programming technical standards constructed by this committed Committee,by making computing device technological know-how reference programmers its standards when adapting programming technical requirementsincluded in programming directive programmers technical progress or programmers programming work of internationalorganisations. If, in response to programming administrativearrangement of 22 May 2013, programming CCNR would proceed in desktop technological know-how identical way programmers adaptthe Rhine Vessel Inspection Regulation, permitting this Regulation programmers refer alsoto programming criteria of this new sui generis Committee, programming administrativeprocedures for programming upkeep of technical criteria for inland navigationvessels would become more streamlined and full uniformity of standards would beachieved among programming legal regimes of programming EU and programming Rhine. Furthermore, there are amendments linked tothe proven fact that Directive 2006/87/EC is being reviewed for programming first time afterthe entry into force of programming Treaty of Lisbon; programming new rules on delegated andimplementing powers needed programmers be introduced.